Tataskweyak Cree Nation

We visited this Cree Nation in late May of this year. The territory is absolutely gorgeous, but the ice had not yet finished melting off the river – very far North in Manitoba. As always on our journey we met kind and generous people. This Cree Nation still hunts and fishes but the traditional way of life is threatened by the Hydro dams as many of the trap lines will be bought by Hydro so there will be more reliance on processed foods. The Tataskweyak Housing Department is looking at data bases to keep track of Housing, Maintenance and inventory so we connected via the web to some data base webinars.
The challenges of Northern living are daunting for Urban dwellers like us, but are taken in stride by the community 100mg viagra. One thing we would like to help with is sports equipment for the youth as recreational opportunities are limited. Looking forward to going back soon!split_lake