Gimme Shelter: Preparing for Home Rental or Home Ownership On First Nations’ Lands

grad cake Tsawwassen FNWe are excited to announce the launch of Gimme Shelter, a three-day course designed to prepare participants for home rental or ownership on First Nations’ lands. Gimme Shelter is comprised of six parts and covers everything from what constitutes a good owner/tenant to home maintenance. Other course modules include basic budgeting and planning, preparing to rent or own on First Nations lands, and preparing to move on.

Gimme Shelter’s first class graduated on April 22 on Tsawwassen First Nation in British Columbia. Thirteen people enrolled from Tsawwassen First Nation, and we are proud to say they all completed the program. For fee structure or more detailed information on the course, please call 250-381-9336 or email admin@lindaeross.ca.