Chippewas on the Thames

Visit to Chippewas on the Thames

I am in Ontario and have just spent the last two days with the Chippewas on the Thames First Nation (COTTFN). The entire Nation is immaculately groomed and the people are wonderful. We had lots of serious business to cover as this is one of the First Nations funded by the First Nations Market Housing Fund to create a Housing Authority. This First Nation is very prepared and very advanced in their policies, their vision and their drive to move forward, bringing their people back into prosperity while respecting and remembering their past.

We also enjoyed so much laughter! I continue to feel so blessed doing this work. I am always taught as much, or more, than I teach on the Nations. “Teach” is probably the wrong word – we share knowledge and experience.

Now is the time for Aboriginal peoples and the settler community to come together and build the ‘8th Fire’ of justice and harmony. – Anishinaabe Prophecy