University of Victoria Engineering Lab Wing, Victoria, B.C.

High Performance Envelope

The Engineering Laboratory Wing on the campus of the University of Victoria is the result of a commitment by the owner and the architects to the design of a cost effective, sustainable, energy-efficient building.

From its inception, the design team was committed to demonstrating that the energy efficient buildings need not cost more to build than less efficient structures. The building was intended to push the envelope of sustainable design by showcasing sound engineering techniques using passive rather than active solutions. To do so would require a high performance building enclosure.

Sundog™ worked with the design team to maximize the potential HVAC system reductions. Because of the systems high insulation value, the building was able to forego its perimeter heating system. Instead, heating coils in the ventilation system provide a small amount of supplemental heat when necessary. These reductions, together with the elimination of air-conditioning requirements, offset the higher initial cost of high performance windows.