Sundog™ Energy Management Inc.

William G.T. Ross President

William worked on an energy efficient housing research pilot project in Saskatoon Saskatchewan, which was funded and overseen by the National and the Saskatchewan Research Council. This research project was the forerunner to the R-2000 and the C-2000 energy efficient building programs, which is now the standard for energy efficient buildings. It became apparent to William, that energy efficiency and concern for the environment was becoming the way of the future. William started Sundog™ Energy Management Inc., when he moved to British Columbia in 1982, in response to the growing need for experts in the field.

As part of Sundog™ business strategy, Sundog™ established strategy alliances, with other like-minded companies such as, 3M®, Siemens Canada and Osram®. The team has expanded and consists of architects, engineers (all disciplines), land use planners, property management (principal agent, nominee), creative financial institutions, energy consultants, project mangers and builders. Through these alliances, Sundog™ became involved with various award winning, energy efficient commercial and residential building projects, throughout British Columbia and other parts of Canada.

We assist our customers through the design phase, specifications and the implementation of a project. The team changes to meet the needs of the client and the project.

The same thought process of “doing more with less” is practised in all projects that Sundog™ becomes involved in. The projects that we are proudest of and where we implement these principals are within the First Nations communities. We are able to assist a Nation with a Vision of what could be and then take that vision and turn it into a reality.

Our Mission

To be a leading international sustainable development company, providing integrated services for both businesses and communities. These services must be practical, create value and reconcile the cultural, ecological and economic needs of society.

Sundog™ is a corporation specialising in energy efficient and environmentally sensitive design, analysis, and building construction. Founded in 1982, the firm has been at the forefront of professional knowledge and practice. With its office located in Victoria, B.C. Canada Sundog™ has completed projects throughout British Columbia, for public and private sector clients including: the Provincial Government and affiliated agencies, regional hospital boards, municipalities, colleges and universities, financial institutions, and home owners. Work has ranged from relatively modest residential construction projects, on First Nation lands, to the supply of energy conservation products to the $100M 48-storey Wall Centre hotel in Vancouver, B.C. and the Fairmount Hotel at the international airport in Richmond, B.C.. Sundog™ has also retrofitted such major commercial facilities as the Royal Centre and the H.A. Simons Engineering building in Vancouver.

No one can reasonably doubt that fundamental change is needed. This fact offers us two basic options: we can resist as long as possible, or we can join those shaping the future… Stephan Schmidheiny, Changing Course.

The well being of all forms of life is dependent on the economic efficiency and effectiveness of the use of the Earth’s physical and life system resources;

Sundog™ is:

  • The most skillful at using learning, insight, wisdom, vision, creativity, information, and teamwork in adapting and integrating basic principles and practical functions of the human and natural economic systems to enable our clients and ourselves to achieve greater economic efficiency and effectiveness, public acceptance, competitive advantage, and creation of wealth to sustain prosperity; and
  • The most practical at meeting the health and safety, environmental quality, and sustainability of resources requirements for making development sustainable


(Sundog’s definition of energy management.)

Infrastructure, site and building systems significantly affect the amount of energy and resources required to operate and maintain businesses and communities. Businesses and communities, through planning, design, engineering and management can significantly effect energy and resource consumption. By being aware of the consequences of these decisions, businesses and communities can gain direct benefits through improved economic and environmental performance of capital projects. Our approach is to optimize the direct benefits and identify the indirect benefits.


High performance, rain screen envelope projects

3M and Siemens building retrofit projects

  • Royal Centre office building, envelope and lighting retrofit
  • AMC tower envelope retrofit
  • Provincial archives, artefact preservation project
  • Provincial Museum, artefact preservation and seismic projects
  • Richmond School district, energy conservation and seismic projects
  • Victoria School district, energy conservation and seismic projects
  • Royal Bank of Canada 40 branches, energy conservation, seismic and security projects
  • Jawl Industries, energy conservation, seismic and security projects
  • Province of British Columbia, energy conservation, seismic and security projects

Mould remediation and ventilation projects

  • Victoria Native Housing
  • M’akola Urban Native Housing
  • Capital Regional Housing Corp.
  • British Columbia Housing
  • Esquimalt Nation
  • CMHC

Land use planning projects

  • Esquimalt Nation, community economic development plan and built single housing units, including the “Little Big House” houses. Acted as economic development officer.
  • Songhees Nation, community economic development plan
  • Nuu-chah-nulth Nation, design and build multi housing unit

Development consultant projects

  • Esquimalt Nation
  • Songhees Nation
  • Nuu-chah-nulth Nation

Volunteer work

  • Was part of the Provincial Governments round table, on energy and environment
  • Assisted the Alberta research council with assessing new technologies
  • Sat on the advisory council for a large US manufacturer Butler Building products
  • Advised 3M Canada on new energy conservation technologies, they wanted to launch
  • Advise the Friendship Centre on building related issues
  • Sit on the building committee for Capital Mental Health Association
  • Coast Salish Long House activities