A shot of me presenting Romeo Dallaire with a feather, some sweet grass and some sage in honour of his contribution to world peace by bringing attention to the genocide in Rwanda which he calls a “failure of humanity”.
He is the author of the book: Shake Hands with the Devil.


University of Manitoba Statement of Apology and Reconciliation

Statement Of Apology

As a graduate of the University of Manitoba and the mother of an Aboriginal young man, this apology has a profound impact on me and my family. I am very proud of my Alma Mater for taking responsibility for the role they played in this dark part of our history in Manitoba.

Supporting Our Community

Siem Lelum (Respected House)

We are fundraising to create a Community Building and Playground, which will be the Heart of the Siem Lelum Urban Village. Our Fundraising goal is $600,000. Siem Lelum is a 41 unit urban village which houses Aboriginal Families, Elders, and Youth. Phase 1 has been built with grants from CMHC, The Regional Housing Trust Fund, and the City of Victoria. 26 units of housing have been up and running for over 2 years and construction of 15 additional units of family housing has just begun with a grant from BC Housing. Read More >>


We invite you to join us in supporting ĆENENITEL, the emergency fund for Aboriginal education students at Camosun College. The fund is intended to provide much-needed relief in times of unforeseen financial difficulty for students in Aboriginal education programs.

Please support those striving to improve their lives through education. It’s as easy as visiting the Camosun College Foundation and making your donation online (please include notation of this fund) or by calling (250) 370-4234.

Thank you for your support
Linda Ross and William Ross