March 28, 2019

For Immediate Release

Linda Ross, Managing Broker of Linda E. Ross Property Management Inc., has wonthe 2019 Community Builder Award from the Canadian Housing and RenewalAssociation (CHRA). The award will be presented at the 2019 CHRA Conference in Victoria, BC.

She receives this award in recognition of her lifetime spent in the effort to produce affordable not-for-profit housing for Indigenous people in communities throughout Canada, and her tireless advocacy for housing as the cornerstone of living dignity, hope and possibility for all people.

She has been a housing innovator, a tireless champion for new housing funding, a contributor of her experience and expertise wherever those might make a difference, a skilled administrator and project manager, generous with her time on a countless boards, committees, conferences, professional workshops and public

She has been extraordinarily skilled at communicating the messages of shelter, housing and community, and has never been satisfied unless a housing outcome truly enhanced a sense of human possibility and a sense of belonging, as well as putting a roof over someone’s head.

She has, in a word, dedicated her life to making a positive difference in any way and any situation that would create shelter and give heartfelt meaning to the word ‘home.’

Linda is nothing less than a Canadian housing hero. Her lifetime of effort and long list of accomplishments and successes is deservedly reflected by this Community Builder Award.

To whom it may concern,

It is a pleasure to write a letter in support of Linda Ross’ nomination for a Community Builder Awardfrom the Canadian Housing and Renewal Association.

As Mayor of Victoria, I am committed to supporting our citizens’ innovative responses to the acute need for housing and support systems, particularly for those who are most vulnerable to the effects of the increasing unaffordability in our region. Housing is a fundamental element of a healthy, inclusive and sustainable community. Linda Ross has proven that she is a leader in this community, working hard to enhance the quality of life and well-being of our citizens.

The City of Victoria was involved in a project led by Linda, the Siem Lelum House. This first phase of this project has created an “urban village” for Indigenous families and young adults, who are among our most marginalized community members. For these families and individuals who are at-risk of homelessness, in addition to providing a home, Siem Lelum House provides culturally appropriate
resilience-building supports. Linda continues to fundraise for this project, as she does for so many others.

In addition to managing a number of successful housing projects, Linda Ross shares her extensive knowledge on the intricacies of housing challenges on First Nations land. The housing crises that we are working through today are distinctly human-centred; to truly solve these challenges we need to weave a strong social fabric, to build on the gifts, assets, and talents of our community leaders. In short, we need the leadership and inspiration of people like Linda.
Linda represents the spirit of Victoria – she is entrepreneurial, creative and innovative. It is a pleasure to support her nomination for a Community Builder Award.

Lisa Helps
Victoria Mayor

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