I am very pleased to announce that I have taken on an acting position with the Housing and Infrastructure Council (HIC) of B.C. as their Executive Director.

“HIC is working to create a First Nation controlled housing and infrastructure authority (Authority) in British Columbia. Once established, the Authority will assume responsibility for First Nations housing and infrastructure services and associated programs in BC.”

“Creation of an Authority is a step towards indigenous self government and the goals of First Nations and federal governments for housing transformation under the federal government’s national indigenous Housing Strategy and the Assembly of First Nations’ national First Nations Housing Strategy. It also contributes towards the Government of Canada’s directive to transfer its delivery of indigenous services to indigenous control. It also reinforces the indigenous view that housing decisions should be in the hands of indigenous people.”

An enormous, heartfelt “Thank You” to Cindy Hull for purchasing a special toy for each of Siem Lelum’s and Fernwood’s children this Christmas. Cindy has done this for the last 3 years. Cindy avoids the spotlight and is very shy when it comes to accepting our profound gratitude for the fundraising she does and the personal time and money she spends doing this each year. If there is a heaven, Cindy has a special place reserved for her, I am sure.

Tania was our first grad from the Housing Manager’s course and this is the first graduating class from the Seine River for the Gimme Shelter: Preparing for Rental or Home Ownership on First Nations’ Lands course.  There was a beautiful snow fall while we were there and Tania and her mother taught us so much about the history of the area.